Austin Azar

Age: 26

Height: 6'1

Weight: 195lbs

Date of Birth: 3/16/1992

Born: Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

Lives: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Course Specialty: 

Long Distance (12+ miles)

OCR Coach: Self

OCR Team: Spartan Race Canada



Austin Azar grew up in the town of Beaumont, Alberta, Canada. He competed in most sports, but mostly focused on ice hockey.  After finishing high school he entered college and took a break from competitive team sports to focus on his Mechanical Engineering Program, although he did find time to become an Intramural Champion in Ping Pong, Squash, Badminton and Tennis! 

After doing an obstacle course race in 2013 for fun, his passion for sport was sparked again and he began to focus on training for OCR. Over the past several years, Austin has become a mainstay on Elite podiums in Canada and the U.S., is one of the founding members of Spartan Team Canada and is a holder of the coveted World's Toughest Mudder 100-mile orange jacket.   



  • 20+ Elite Podiums, with 9 Wins 


  • Spartan World Championships - 9th place
  • OCR World Championships 3k - 5th place


  • Spartan World Championships - 15th place
  • World's Toughest Mudder - 2nd place Individual (100 miles)
  • BattleFrog X -  24hour (BFX) - 1st place Overall (85 miles) 


What was your first obstacle race and why did you do it?

Spartan Race Edmonton 2013. I saw a poster for it at university while playing squash against a friend, and decided to sign up and give'er a go. I don't think I had ever run more a couple miles at once before that race, so I got totally crushed, but I knew right away that it was something I really wanted to get good at.

What drives you to compete?

The desire to get faster, stronger, and better. Competition is the best way to test yourself. 

If you could run an obstacle race anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

There are many places I have yet to explore, but I'd love to race in Zermatt, Switzerland.  

What interesting fact do most fans of OCR not know about you?

Happy Gilmore is my favourite movie.  

What does your life look like outside of OCR?

Right now, I'm mostly working towards finishing my MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta.

Who is one of the OCR athletes you admire most and why?

The Ryan/Lindsay Atkins power couple. Not just for being great Canadian OCR athletes, but just great athletes in general, and also great people to be around.

If you hadn't found OCR, in what sport(s) would you be competing?

Hockey, or rugby. Both were incredibly fun to play growing up.

What advice do you have for people who want to get better in OCR?

Get outside and run on trails as much as possible...and rock climb! 

What are your goals with OCR?

To continue getting faster and stronger, and become the best and most well rounded athlete I can be.