Brakken Kraker

Age: 30

Height: 6'0

Weight: 170lbs

Date of Birth: 5/20/1987

Born: Milwaukee, WI 

Lives: Lake Geneva, WI

Course Specialty: 

Short Distance (1-6 miles)

Mid Distance (6-12 miles)

OCR Coach: Self



Brakken Kraker was one of the first superstars in Obstacle Course Racing and a fixture on the Spartan Pro Team from 2013-2017. He grew-up in love with all sports and in high school competed in baseball, basketball, track, and cross country. In college, Brakken led his Track & Field program, earning All-American honors as a middle distance runner. Although successful in all distances in OCR, his passion is the shorter, faster format embodied in Spartan's Stadium Series. A teacher by trade, Brakken is currently a full-time OCR coach, father to 3, ages 1, 3 and 5, husband, and still-dominant short course OCR athlete. 


CAREER: 50 Overall wins and 78 Elite podiums


  • Obstacle Course Racing World Championship: Co-Ed Team Champion


  • Spartan Stadium Series Overall Champion


  • Spartan U.S. Elite Points Series - 3rd Place


  • Obstacle Course Racing World Championship: Team Champion
  • Warrior Dash World Championships - 5th Place


  • Spartan U.S. Elite Points Series - 3rd Place


  • Spartan World Championship Beast - 3rd Place 
  • Spartan World Championship Ultra Beast -  3rd Place

Q & A

What was your first Obstacle Course Race and why did you do it?

In 2011, my college teammate, Matt, got hit by a car after I guilted him into going for a run. He was concussed, broke his leg, and tore his ACL. He signed up for a Spartan Super in Chicago as his rehab goal. I had no choice but to run it with him!


What drives you to compete? 

I have a strong competitive nature and fear of failure - the two go nicely together. 


If you could run a World Championship obstacle race anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Pretty much anywhere in Asia. 

What interesting fact do most fans of OCR not know about you? 

I can dunk a basketball.

What does your life look like outside of OCR?

I spend all of my time as a stay at home dad, training, and building our OCR coaching business ( It is a pretty simple and amazing lifestyle! 

Who is one of the OCR athletes you admire most and why?   

Since the beginning, it's been Hobie Call. He was "The Man" when I entered the sport, and I've spent the last several years chasing him. 

If you hadn't found OCR, in what sport(s) would you be competing?

The sport I love the most, outside of OCR, is Mixed-Martial Arts. I love the intricacies of the training and the need for a well-rounded skill set and athleticism.  


If you could design one workout that covers the most important skill areas in OCR, what would it look like? 

I love the Split Tempo: 2 miles at half-marathon pace on flats, immediately followed by 1,000 feet of gain (hill or treadmill), then repeat. Finish that off with a few heavy carries and you're set! It teaches your body to run uphill while you're fatigued from faster running and to run fast while fatigued from hills. 

What advice do you have for people who want to get better in OCR?

Determine what areas of fitness are holding you back and attack those weaknesses!

What are your goals with OCR?

For 2018, it's to win the Spartan Stadium Series and place Top 3 in the Spartan Mountain series.