Know your OCR market:

The sport of Obstacle Course Racing is relatively new and has been growing at a record pace. From its roots, with roughly 2 million participants between 2010 and 2012, through the past few years, OCR has been the fastest growing sport in the history of sports, logging more race registrations in the U.S. than marathons and half-marathons, combined.

Current estimates put the number of racers at 10 million+ world-wide last year, with the average racer registering for 3 events. 

Know your OCR opportunity:

The newness of the sport, combined with its large and growing consumer base, present a unique opportunity to capitalize on first mover advantage with an underserved audience. As OCR continues to mature, solidifying the "event" side (casual participants) and developing the "sport" side (competitive athletes), there are significant opportunities for a broad range of product and service-based businesses.


The development of any brand must start with a company's objectives and an understanding of the target market it's trying to reach. If your company is interested in selling to the 10+ million member audience of Obstacle Course Racing, you must start by knowing the wants and needs of this unique market, and having a strategy for creating a relationship with that audience that results in revenue growth for your company.

The Obstacle Course Racing consumer is part adventurer, part over-achiever, part health and fitness enthusiast, and is all-in for opportunities to make their OCR experience better with the right products and services. We will help you quickly learn the unique psychology of OCR consumers, and how to  develop a branding and marketing strategy that meets them at their needs.

After developing an understanding of the OCR consumer, we will help you identify the right channels to convey your brand message that fit within your overall business plan and budget. 

  • Creating the right brand value proposition for the OCR market
  • Partnering with the right OCR athletes to serve as influential voices for your brand
  • Identifying the right OCR events to showcase your brand
  • Leveraging the power of social media to drive your brand message and promotions