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Best OCR Supplements by EndurElite

PerformElite (Pre-Workout/Pre-Competition)

The most overlooked concept affecting cardiovascular capacity is the pre-training window, especially in Obstacle Course Racing. With only scientifically-validated ingredients, PerformElite will: 

  • Increase VO2Max and aerobic capacity 
  • Buffer lactic acid and boost anaerobic performance 
  • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammatory markers
  • Support lipolysis (fat-burning) and fatty acid oxidation, and 
  • Enhance mental toughness. 

Taken together, these 5 factors can be the difference maker on short, explosive speed courses and long grinds with endless inclines.

SustainElite (Intra-Workout/Intra-Competition)

You should expect more...way more, from sports drinks. If your typical workout is an hour or more and you want the most complete, most effective during-workout fuel, you want SustainElite:

  • 30 Grams Of Fast, Medium, & Slow Digesting Carbs
  • Amino Acids to Blunt Fatigue & Promote Gluconeogenesis*
  • Sustains Blood Glucose Levels*
  • Prolonged Energy & Endurance*
  • No Stomach Distress or Bloating*
  • Electrolytes to Help Prevent Cramping*
  • Light, Refreshing Flavor/30 Servings per Container

Take Your Racing to the Next Level

Learn why so many top OCR athletes rely on EndurElite products to boost their performance.

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PerformElite & SustainElite w/CEO Matt mosman

EndurElite Performance Blog

If you are an OCR athlete, you are an endurance athlete, and there's no better place to find easy-to-follow, scientifically supported, athlete tested endurance performance information than the EndurElite blog. Check it out and continue to build your machine from the neck up.

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