Mike Ferguson

Age: 32

Height: 5'11

Weight: 165lbs

Date of Birth: 3/6/1986

Born: Baltimore, MD

Lives: Blaine, MN

Course Specialty: 

Short - Mid Distance (1-18 miles)

OCR Coach: Brakken Kraker

OCR Team: Spartan Select Pro Team

Mike Ferguson OCR Obstacle Course Racing Spartan


Mike Ferguson grew up in Baltimore, Maryland as a diverse athlete, competing in national-level BMX racing and twice qualifying in state-level track in the 4x800m relay. He is a consistent top 10 threat in national series obstacle races and likes to hone his OCR running skills taking podiums in trail races. 

Mike doesn't follow a specific diet for racing, but rather believes in eating clean, healthy, unprocessed foods that support his lifestyle and fuels his workouts. Mike's favorite quote is from the running legend, Steve Prefontaine: "Somebody may beat me, but they're going to have to bleed to do it." 


21 Podiums in OCR and Trail Racing; with 6 overall wins.


  • Spartan North American Championship Beast Elite, West Virginia - 10th Place


  • Spartan NBC U.S. Championship Point Series - 12th Place 
  • USA OCR National Championship - 3rd Place 
  • Spartan Elite Sprint, Miami, FL - 3rd Place
  • Spartan Elite Super, Chicago - 2nd Place
  • Spartan Elite Sprint, Indiana - 2nd Place
  • Spartan NBC U.S. Championship Series, Asheville - 7th Place


  • Spartan Sprint Elite, MN - 1st Place
  • Warrior Dash, MN - 1st Place
  • Rugged Maniac Elite, MN - 1st Place
  • Terrain Race Elite, MN - 1st Place
  • Winner and current course record holder of the famous Zumbro 17 mile trail run with a time of 1:54:30 


What was your first obstacle race and why did you do it?

The first obstacle course race I ever did was an an obstacle course race called Hard Charge which is now out of business. At the time I'd been training for 5ks and half marathons. My girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, told me that I should try it and encouraged me to enter the Elite wave. I ran the 5 mile course through swamps in road shoes and still manage to somehow Place 6th. After that I did a  Tough Mudder and that was the start my journey in OCR.

What drives you to compete?

I know that I can't race at this level for ever so I want to see how good I can get before I'm past my prime. I don't ever want to look back wondering how good I could have been.

If you could run an obstacle race anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would really like to try the Spartan Ultra Beast weekend in Hawaii.

What interesting fact do most fans of OCR not know about you?

I was raised by a single parent and have never met my mother.

Who is one of the OCR athletes you admire most and why? 

Brakken kraker. When I first was introduced to Spartan race, I was watching it on NBC and Brakken earned a Podium. He was always finishing in the top 5 and I admired him as a competitor. Now years later, he is not only my coach but also a good friend.

If you hadn't found OCR, in what sport(s) would you be competing?

Probably a combination of mixed martial arts (not competing just learning the art) and mountain bike racing.

What are your goals with OCR?

I don't have any specific OCR goals other than pushing myself to see how good I can be before I am past my prime. I choose to run in the Elite field because I know it's the best of the best and the only way I will get better is to compete against people that are better than me.

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