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NC Fit Club OCR is a husband (Todd) and wife (Alisha) Team who lead by example and love helping people who didn't think they could do OCR, find out they can. They believe in fitness and in life that it's all about learning what you are made of. 

Todd and Alisha have been fitness coaches and instructors for over 10 years and when they took the leap into obstacle racing in their early 40's they immediately fell in love with the sport, and knew they wanted to incorporate OCR training into their existing health and fitness business.

Todd currently works with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Shaun T (known for such home workouts as Insanity, T25 and much more), he has appeared in Shaun's workouts and continues to work with him today on several social media projects as well as Shaun's Podcast. Todd was one of the influences to get Shaun to commit to joining forces with Spartan in 2018 and has raced all over the country with Shaun and his followers to help them achieve the feeling of crossing that finish line.

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NC Fit Club OCR Training

Why Train with NC Fit Club OCR

After Todd and Alisha's entry into OCR, they realized that what they first saw as an extreme sport was actually very accessible and that their initial hesitation to give it a try was the very first obstacle they overcame in the sport. They decided if they could start OCR in their 40's, they could help others who might have thought they couldn't participate give it a go. Todd and Alisha have made it their mission to help people engage their faith in themselves to become OCR athletes and learn what they're made of. Being a husband and wife team, Todd and Alisha are able to offer different perspectives for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.  

Todd and Alisha use several home-based strength training and cardio based programs specifically for the weekend warrior or OCR athlete. They have online accountability groups as well as designed nutrition plans for each workout. They love combining what they already knew about fitness and applying it to the OCR world. In addition, Todd is in the process of getting SGX (Spartan) certified and will be offering SGX workouts to clients as well. Todd and Alisha have also built one of the most impressive home OCR courses in the southeast and have had people travel to NC from as far as Indiana to spend a couple days training on their course. Ahead of receiving any race medal, Todd says his biggest accomplishment was helping his dad complete his first Spartan race at the age of 68.


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