Nick O'Sullivan

Age: 23

Height: 5'11

Weight: 170lbs

Date of Birth: 6/27/1994

Born: Morgan Hill, CA

Lives: Granite Bay, CA

Course Specialty: 

Short Distance (1-3 miles)

Mid Distance (3-8 miles)

OCR Coach: Dylan Miraglia

OCR Team: Human Octane Pro Team

Nick O'Sullivan


Nick O'Sullivan grew up in Granite Bay, CA, at the base of the foothills and Folsom Lake. He found success in a wide variety of sports like soccer, track, basketball, mountain biking, duathlons, wrestling and football. 

In college, Nick excelled in football as a running back and linebacker, but struggled with alcohol. After a near-death experience, Nick took time to claim his sobriety. In 2016, he found Obstacle Course Racing, a perfect outlet for the competitive drive that had been with him his whole life. And, in 2017, he focused his efforts on completing his degree in Economics at Sacramento State University while learning how to effectively train and compete in OCR. Nick is now fully engaged in training to compete at progressively higher levels in OCR, with a goal of becoming a top competitor.



  • Spartan Elite Sprint, Austin, TX - 4th place
  • Spartan Elite Super, Austin, TX - 5th place
  • Spartan Elite Super, Arizona - 10th place
  • Spartan Elite Sprint, Arizona - 7th place
  • Spartan Elite Sprint, Monterey, CA - 7th Place

2018 Race Schedule

  • Utah Spartan National Series Super 7/28
  • West Virginia Spartan Regional Championship Beast 8/25
  • Lake Tahoe Spartan World Championship Beast 9/29
  • Sacramento Spartan Super & Sprint 10/11 & 10/12


What was your first obstacle race and why did you do it?

My first race was the Spartan Super in Sacramento in November 2016. When I ended my college football career I turned my competitiveness to the bar scene and the bottle. I hit rock bottom early in life at the age of 22 and knew that I had to make some serious changes if I wanted any shot at a life. I looked up local races, found Spartan, and signed up. After completing my first Super I fell in love, and most importantly I found a reason to stay sober. 

What drives you to compete?

I have been given another chance to make something of myself and to create a life that I can be proud of. Competing in OCR has given me a reason to be the best version of myself, inspire others, and most importantly be a beacon of light for many people struggling with addiction. I compete because I want to be the best in the world and to show and be an example for others battling addiction that there is hope, if I can do it so can you. I also want to make momma proud :)

If you could run an obstacle race anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to race in Norway. I have never been there but It looks like the most beautiful place in the world.

What interesting fact do most fans of OCR not know about you?

On rare days off you can find me fishing.

Who is one of the OCR athletes you admire most and why?

Hunter McIntyre, his story really hit home with me. I admire his work ethic, his racing, and how he stays true to himself.  

If you hadn't found OCR, in what sport(s) would you be competing?

I would probably compete in local Trail Races, Duathlons, Crossfit, or BodyBuilding.

What are your goals with OCR?

To be the best in the World. When OCR becomes an Olympic sport, I want to be the one out there competing. I also want to help others who are walking the line with sobriety. 

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