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About OCR Buddy

OCR Buddy is the first and only mobile obstacle race finder and calendar app designed for obstacle racers by obstacle racers.

OCR Buddy’s extensive and ever-growing database lists events from international race brands to the local obstacle course races right in your backyard.


  • A massive, ever-growing database of OCR events
  • Filtering based on location and features to allow efficient event searching
  • Calendar and list views to sort through events easily
  • Track what events you're interested in or going to, along with race times
  • Personal OCR profile and ability to connect with other members and race together. 

Obstacle Course Race Finder & Calendar Planner

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Why OCR Buddy?

How many times have you searched the internet trying to find an obstacle race and plan your racing schedule? You search one site, write down dates or try to track your options somehow. Finally, you think you're done, but are you? Have you missed any races? Is your calendar really complete?

OCR Buddy provides obstacle racers the most extensive database of events and brings it all to one location, in the palms of your hands. OCR Buddy allows you to plan, schedule and update your schedule instantaneously. OCR Buddy finds events for you, from International brands to the local charity 5k OCR in your backyard.

OCR Buddy is user friendly and keeps the obstacle racer in mind throughout its design. There are dozens of filters to help you find the exact races you are looking for. OCR Buddy has added multiple features to give you the best product to easily develop your race schedule.


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