Get Seen, Get Fans, Get Sponsored

For many people, Obstacle Course Racing is a lifestyle, either as a hobby or as a competitive sport. You are likely training and racing consistently and are committed to improving as an athlete. And as you know, that commitment is an investment in effort, time and money. 

For some, there’s the potential to lower the costs associated with OCR by finding product and even cash sponsors. However, because Obstacle Racing is a new sport, competition for the limited opportunities for meaningful sponsorship. That is why we created the OCR Athlete Services Program - to help you get access to the resources you need to train and race.

We represent and consult to some of the most successful athletes in OCR, and have worked with dozens of businesses interested in sponsoring OCR athletes. We know what companies look for in athletes and how to best position them to be attractive to sponsors. But, you don't have to be a household OCR name to Get Seen, Get Fans and Get Sponsored:

  • OCR Athlete Profile Page to connect with potential sponsors and fans
  • Social Media Development & Promotion
  • Consultation on: Social Media, Sponsorship and Nutrition
  • Membership in our Facebook group (free product testing offers, tips on social media/brand promotion, first-to-know OCR opportunites, giveaways, etc.)  
  • Access to exclusive FitLinc Team Discounts on Gear, Nutrition, Equipment, Training & More

Program Options

OCR Obstacle Course Racing Sponsorship Sponsors Athletes Spartan Race Tough Mudder Fit Linc Media

Development Option

For young, up-and-coming racers. Contact Us for details. 

Elite Option

$14/mo. + One-Time $189 - Get everything outlined below.

Elite Plus Option

$19/mo. + One-Time $189 - Get everything in the Elite Option plus an exclusive post for you on FitLincMedia Instagram and Facebook channels every month.

Social Boost

$50/mo. (Set-up fee included in your first month) - A focused effort on boosting your OCR-specific Instagram following and engagement. Can be purchased as a stand-alone service or combined with the Elite or Elite Plus Programs (limited number of spots available, more info below).

What You Get

Athlete Profile

  • Athlete Profile on the FitLincMedia website – We will build your profile, search engine optimize (SEO) it, and host it. Your profile will be listed along-side some of the top obstacle racers in the world, and you can use it as a digital business card/athlete look-book to send to potential sponsors. It will also be seen by OCR fans who want to learn more about racers like you.
    • Images of you racing/training
    • Demographics (born, live, OCR coach, etc.)
    • Background/Bio
    • OCR Highlights (plus other sports accomplishments)
    • Sponsors/wanted sponsors logos
    • Link to your social media pages
    • Link to your business page (if applicable)
    • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Promotion

  • Introduction post on FitLincMedia Instagram and Facebook pages (can include tags to your pages and your current/wanted sponsors)
  • One additional post on FitLincMedia Instagram and Facebook pages highlighting you
  • **As part of the Elite Plus Program - An additional post exclusive to you every month on our Instagram and Facebook channels.

Professional Services

  • Sponsorship Consultation (30 minutes)
    • Discuss general strategy for finding, securing sponsorships
    • Discuss current sponsorship opportunities (finding, negotiating) with a specific company
  • Social Media Consultation (30 minutes)
    • Discuss general social media strategy for building and engaging your audience
    • Receive an audit of your social media (how you compare to others, what you're doing well and what can be done better)
  • Nutrition Consultation (30 minutes)
    • Discuss overall approach to your nutrition as well as big-picture “athlete” considerations
    • Discuss nutrition and supplementation strategy for lead-up to race, during race and post race.
  • Free month of OCR training at YancyCamp For current non-members – if you are already a member, you can try the  Grip and Pull strength program:"Get A Grip!" 

FitLincMedia Exclusive Team Discounts on the Best of OCR!

  • EndurElite Cash code worth $20.00. This is our go-to performance supplement partner. Plus an ongoing FitLincMedia Team discount of 15%
  •  Thunderbird Bar First time 50% off any product purchase. THE BEST real food bars (no sugar added - nut, seed, fruit and spice only). Plus an ongoing FitLincMedia Team discount of 15%
  • Organifi Ongoing 20% discount on the best green juice, protein and organic supplements available. Organic, All Natural, Vegan, Non GMO Superfood Blends

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OCR Athlete Services Program Set-Up


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Step 1: Purchase the Program Set-Up (directly above).

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    Step 3: We will email everything you need to get started.

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Social Boost - Instagram (1-month trial)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Grow your OCR-specific Instagram following and increase engagement - exactly what sponsors want! 

  • OCR athlete Instagram accounts using "Social Boost" have grown by 250-500 real followers per month
  • Average likes per post increase: 20-50*
  • Average comments per post increase: 2-3*

If you want to attract future sponsors and be more valuable to current sponsors, you must have an audience, and right now, the best place to have an audience is on Instagram. Watch your following grow with our custom, OCR-specific Social Boost!

*If your frequency of posting stays at the pre-Program rate. Averages are based on real results, but not guaranteed.

OCR Business Services

Know the OCR Market


The sport of Obstacle Course Racing is relatively new and has been growing at a record pace. From its roots, with roughly 2 million participants between 2010 and 2012, through the past few years, OCR has been the fastest growing sport in the history of sports, logging more race registrations in the U.S. than marathons and half-marathons, combined.

Current estimates put the number of racers at 1 million+ world-wide last year, with the average racer registering for 3 events.

Know the OCR Opportunity

The newness of the sport, combined with its large and growing consumer base, present a unique opportunity to capitalize on first mover advantage with an underserved audience. As OCR continues to mature, solidifying the "event" side (casual participants) and developing the "sport" side (competitive athletes), there are significant opportunities for a broad range of product and service-based businesses. 


The development of any brand must start with a company's objectives and an understanding of the target market it's trying to reach. If your company is interested in selling to the 1+ million member audience of Obstacle Course Racing, you must start by knowing the wants and needs of this unique market, and having a strategy for creating a relationship with that audience that results in revenue growth for your company.

The Obstacle Course Racing consumer is part adventurer, part over-achiever, part health and fitness enthusiast, and is all-in for opportunities to make their OCR experience better with the right products and services. We will help you quickly learn the unique psychology of OCR consumers, and how to  develop a branding and marketing strategy that meets them at their needs.

After developing an understanding of the OCR consumer, we will help you identify the right channels to convey your brand message that fit within your overall business plan and budget.

  • Creating the right brand value proposition for the OCR market
  • Partnering with the right OCR athletes to serve as influential voices for your brand
  • Identifying the right OCR events to showcase your brand
  • Leveraging the power of social media to drive your brand message and promotions


OCR Business Services Set-Up


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Step 1: Purchase the Program Set-Up (directly above).

Step 2: Select your Program Option (directly below).    

     Step 3: We will email everything you need to get started.

Select Your Program