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About Yancy Culp & YancyCamp

  • Online training format
  • Options for OCR, Running, Triathalon and General Fitness
  • 3 weekly workouts w/2 bonus workouts
  • Train under top OCR athletes
  • Track progress on personal scoreboard
  • Post Challenge results on public scoreboard
  • Private Facebook for members

Yancy Culp has been competing in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing since its early beginnings in 2011. Coming out of high school as a multi-sport athlete, Yancy earned a scholarship at the University of North Texas where he competed in Track and Cross Country, becoming a Texas state medalist in the 1600m. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he played a year of semi-pro football in the PFL, before setting his sights on fitness training and coaching. After more than a decade of coaching, Yancy found OCR and began competing at the Masters level, becoming a fixture on the podium with over 30 top spots. Today, Yancy continues to race and has cemented his place as one of the top coaches in obstacle racing, leading a team of Elite racers and committed OCR athletes with, YancyCamp. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Amy and their two kids, Lily and Scout. 

YancyCamp provides Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athletes from all levels of fitness with an effective and inexpensive way to team up with a top level athlete to get an insider’s view of their training program. You’ll have weekly updated online access to 3 of the same workouts being performed by the OCR athlete of your choice. All the athletes on the roster are trained by Yancy Culp with differences in the areas of focus and key races. You’ll also have the opportunity to see how your athlete’s training plan changes throughout the season as we periodize to achieve a peak for each race.

The sport of OCR is diverse and tests every aspect of fitness. Yancy and the roster of athletes will help you improve your ability to master obstacles and improve running performance and tie it all together as you enjoy the sport of OCR. From the shortest distances offered by every race circuit to the longest endurance races, and every distance in between, Yancy and the athletes have a ton of experience with them all. Don’t worry about special equipment or location differences; if you have a basic gym membership, access to a 400m track, treadmill or area to run where you can mark off distances, you’ll have everything you need, and for many of the workouts, these aren’t even needed.

Join today for this one-of-a-kind experience to team with some of the best male and female athletes in our sport. Yancy and your athlete are available for questions, to provide motivation, mental coaching, and race strategy. Check out our roster of athletes and choose your inspiration today!

Get-A-Grip! is a specialized training program aimed at increasing and maximizing Grip Strength & Endurance and Pull Strength & Endurance. You will have access to 3 workouts each week that zero-in on skills that will help you move across monkey and swinging bars, complex rigs (rings, ropes, straps, balls, polls, bars, etc.), climb and traverse ropes and walls, carry and pull heavy objects, and in general, grip with more power for longer.

  • Online access to 3 OCR specific grip & pull strength and grip & pull strength endurance workouts each week.
  • Benchmark online testing program where you will complete grip/pull strength/endurance tests and log results for tracking and comparison with future testing.
  • Access to online video library where exercises can be viewed.
  • Access to the closed Facebook Group – “Yancy Camp OCR Athletes & Coaches” where a wealth of knowledge is shared between members and coaches on all things OCR on a daily basis.
  • Unlimited access to Coach Yancy for questions and answers.
  • A nice, firm handshake

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